• SeaHAWKS!

    This is an on-going, dynamic post of my football team, the Seattle Seahawks. Read why I am a fan. Read why they are a successful football team. I BELIEVE!

    It's All Relative....

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    I have always enjoyed watching football.  I watched the games with my father as a little girl.  I’ve watched the games throughout my adulthood years, but I have never TRULY been a fan of any football team – be it NFL or college.  I’ve always oriented my alliance with various teams depending on my geographic location.  It wasn’t until two years ago, when Russel Wilson was recruited to the Seattle Seahawks team as one of the quarterbacks, that I made the fan connection.  The magic that caused the transformation?  It’s simple.  Even though he was a rookie and slated as backup for the primary quarterback, his performance and leadership dictated that he BE the Primary QB.  Along with that was his humility and simple approach to improving performance which made him an instant leader for this team.  But, it…

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