Point Cabrillo Light House

Not to be confused with Cabrillo Point National Park on Point Loma, in San Diego, this light house resides just south of Fort Bragg and is considered to be “one of the most complete light house stations in the United States.”  Once it used to have a kerosene lamp to help light the way for mariners, but later replaced with a Fresnel lens with a 1000 watt electric filament lens.  It is one of the last of the Fresnel lenses left.

After many shipwrecks occurred off this point, the lighthouse was established in 1909. The first lighthouse keeper was Wilhelm Baumer, who kept his post until 1923. The United States Coast Guard took over the lighthouse in 1939 and manned it until 1973, when it was decommissioned.

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In 1988, the facility and surrounding land was added to the National Registry of Historical Places. The point even had a bit part in the Warner Brothers movie, “The Majestic.” It was restored by the North Coast Interpretive Association (NCIA) to the 1930’s era, but the light itself remains more modern.

Though California State Parks owns the Point’s property, the NCIA, which is now renamed the Point Cabrillo Light Keeper’s Association, still continues to run the park.

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