Thank You, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks for Another Great Ride!

The season has ended for our beloved Seattle Seahawks but I just had to say “Thank you” to Russell Wilson and the team for another great ride!


You know you’re a fan when you are inspired to dress up in official team gear and have certain rituals that you’ve adopted to do before each game.  You know you’re a fan when the outside front of your house is adorned with flags celebrating your team!  You know you’re a fan when you leave your Christmas decorations up until your team’s season ends.  You know you’re a fan when the season ends for your team and your heart is heavy.

These are things I do and I am proud to admit that.

I have two jerseys; one for home games and one for away games.  It’s important to me to be ‘in correct uniform‘ for the start of each game.  I collect other items to wear for Blue Friday (I faithfully don Blue Friday wear every Friday while they play).

Two flags were flown outside my house, along with a driftwood tree decorated with Seahawk colors, pom poms and beads. There is a metal Seahawk yard ornament I purchased in Leavenworth, WA of all places to grace the front gardens.

Before each game since 2013, I log into my social media accounts to proclaim, “I BELIEVE!!!!” That phrase is now a standard for Seattle Seahawk fans.  For each touch down, a brass bell mounted to the left of my front door is rung and when we win, it is rung louder and longer, accompanied with celebratory shouts and whoops!

The Brass Bell

There are the rallies I’ve attended and photographed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I ride the emotional roller coaster each game.

The Seattle Seahawks aren’t perfect.  Then again, nothing is but they play with honesty, integrity and heart.

Their coach, Pete Carroll, is one of the nicest coaches in NFL.  Their Quarterback, Russell Wilson, is such an honest, caring Quarterback, faithfully visiting Children’s Hospital in Seattle every Tuesday, putting smiles on sick kids’ faces.  I know, because he did that for a neighbor boy who was there for a bit.

He’s also an inspirational leader, leading by example, with open honesty.   I respect that greatly.

The core of the team is a family and it shows when they play.  When they lose, they don’t play the blame game and point fingers.  They accept their faults and continue to strive to do better.

In a post-game interview following their loss to the Panthers in the Division Playoff game, I could see emotion in Germaine Kearse’ eyes when he talked about the game.

There is the fierceness of Richard Sherman; impish antics of Michael “Bicycle” Bennett; Rocket Lockett’s speed; Steven Hauschka’s sure foot; the heart and soul play of the rookies.

These elements all come together for a cohesive team that is truly fun to watch.

For all of these things and the silly things I’m inspired to do because I’m a fan A TWELVE ~ I thank you, Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and the entire Seattle Seahawks team!


Get some rest, heal and get healthy for next season.

We TWELVES will see you then.

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