Braised Polish Sausages with Cabbage

Just in time for March!  Corned Beef and cabbage is always a favorite for this time of year but to put a little different spin, try having Braised Polish sausage with your cabbage instead of corned beef!  This is a very cheap,simple and quick meal to prepare anytime!

The List:

2 lbs Polish Sausage; precooked

2 Tbsp butter

1 clove of garlic, minced

1/2 cup of white wine or beef broth

1/4 cup Balsamic vinegar

1 Red onion, sliced

1 small cabbage, quartered

1 tsp mixed Italian herbs or Herbs D’ Provence

Puttin’ It Together:

1. Pierce the sausages to prevent them from bursting while they are cooking or cut them into three-inch lengths

2. Heat the butter in a heavy, deep skillet.

3.  Brown the sausages over medium to high heat; turning occasionally

4. Add in the garlic and onions; lightly brown…

5.  Pour in the wine/broth and vinegar and herbs.

6.  Layer the cabbage quarters over the sausages.

7.  Bring the liquids to a boil; then, reduce to a simmer and cook the sausages and cabbage until the cabbage is tender crisp (about 15 minutes)

8.  Serve with your favorite spicy mustard: Dijon, German-style, etc…

A nice crisp, fresh salad and crusty bread make tasty accompaniments to this dish.

* I like to add in extra Oregano and Basil to the seasonings.

* Even though this recipe suggest Polish Sausage; any sausage can be used.


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