Whidbey Island’s Twelves!

Last year, I committed to being a TRUE TWELVE; a Seattle Seahawks fan.  Last year was also the first time the Seattle Seahawks WENT ALL THE WAY to the Super Bowl and became Super Bowl Champions.  But, that wasn’t the reason why I committed to being a fan and I have another post the details why.  This post is about BEING a Twelve on Whidbey Island.  Seattle is a two and a half hour drive from the northern end of Whidbey Island, which is where I reside, so it is fairly difficult to attend all of the Seahawk rallies down there.  Our solution is to have our own rallies up here.  There were two rallies is support of the Seahawks last post-season and my last post showcases some of the photos from one of those rallies.  I was only able to attend one, last year.

This year, we will have had two rallies, too, and I’ll have attended both.  The first rally for this post-season just occurred last Sunday, January 4th.  It was a blustery, rainy day.  I was up early, eager to get the latest weather update on the local news.  My husband turned on the TV in the front room, heard a weird grinding noise and the picture came up black and white.  Wow!  The ten-year-old Samsung DLP TV, our means of viewing the games, is not adequately operational. Being troubleshooters by nature we went to discover what the problem was.  After some lengthy disassembling, we found the color wheel had literally shattered!  Apparently the bearings in the wheel froze.  We can get a replacement part for just over a hundred bucks but that doesn’t solve the current day’s issue.

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There are games to be watched and I won’t leave my husband without a way to watch the games.  So, off into town to shop for a new TV!  We found a nice LED set for a decent price and brought it home and installed it.  Having resolved that issue, I was late leaving for the rally that was to start at noon, so I scrambled into my Seahawk gear, grabbed my camera and flew out the door!  As I was pulling up to the traffic light at Coupeville, the rally group was just crossing over the pedestrian bridge above me!  I found a cool spot to park and jumped into Paparazzi mode.  The photos below tell the story….

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We were spirited! We got a little wet! Our enthusiasm kept us warm and we had a blast!

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