It’s A Personal Choice: Voting

This election has been one scary evolution. It came down to two people: a businessman and a woman whose career has always been in politics. Both had their faults and bad points; both had their good points, too. There was a lot of name calling and labelling. There was the usual digging up of the past; a lot of hash slinging. Much of it very, very childish, but this, after all, is politics. It’s ugly. It’s nasty. It’s lies. It’s finger pointing and talking over each other; ~ The good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m glad the votes have been cast. I’m glad to know. Perhaps now, we can move forward.

I voted two weeks ago. I’m proud to have done that because it is not only my RIGHT to vote but also my RESPONSIBILITY. Who I chose in nobody’s business nor is why I made my choice but know this, my choice was based on my principles, values and what I believe in. It is also a very PERSONAL choice, not anyone’s business but mine and I’m going to leave it at that. That’s how it should be for ALL OF US.

But here is where I’m so disturbed over this election process. Now that we know who won, we’ve got adults acting like little grade school kids acting out and having temper tantrums over it. People are deleting their friends and followers on social media. There are supposed demonstrations occurring, resulting in property damage. Celebrities and others threaten to leave the country! Well, go then! Threats are idle.

People are having unbridled, childish fits over an election! Like that will change anything at this point! It’s all just foolish, ridiculous behavior! As adults, we are supposed to SET THE EXAMPLE for the young ones. What we are teaching them by carrying on irresponsibly is that it is okay to be a sore loser. It’s okay to disrespect others’ choices just because ours didn’t pan out the way we wanted it to! THAT, people, is PATHETIC.

Look, WE ALL have the right and responsibility to MAKE OUR OWN choices without prejudice and judgement by others! I don’t judge you for your choice. Why do you judge me or anyone else, for that matter? It’s just plain immature, poor, childish behavior!

There will always be someone voted into office that many will not like. It’s just the way the process works. Someone wins and someone loses. Get over it and move on!!!

Like me, many people have made the choice to serve our country so that ALL OF US has the freedom to choose who we want to serve in the highest office in our nation. To carry on like children just nullifies that! It’s disrespectful! For those of us that put our lives on the line for our voters, we’d just like EVERYONE to behave in a DIGNIFIED manner and be an adult! Respect the choices of THE PEOPLE.

“Make our country great again” is just a punchline to me, really, because the country is already great. That is why our service members serve; because it is great! But, it could be even greater.

We can all collectively make the choice to change our attitudes and be positive. Positive begets positive; negative begets negative. It’s that simple.

God bless America!

Our nation is great but, WE THE PEOPLE, can make it greater by not engaging in childish, negative behavior.

Please employ wisdom and maturity and just think about it. What is done, is done.

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