World Music!

Just to hear the haunting monotonic tones of the Australian Didgeridoo, the mysterious notes of the Andean Panpipe, the Armenian Duduk, Hammered Dulcimer from Persia or the Indian Sitar, I’m all in! Bring them all together in concert with a joyous musical piece and I’m in auditory heaven! The slide guitar and ukulele of the Islands are an all time favorite I grew up with. Whatever the instrument, I love it all! I collect World Music!

Just recently, I’ve added to my collection!

The first is Zen Pause from Thierry David which is like it sounds, zen-like music, just perfect for meditation and introspection. Gongs, wind chimes, flutes and many other instruments provide a very centering experience.

Next, I downloaded Ozzie Kotani’s To Honor The Queen. It’s a full album of beautiful ukulele and slide guitar instrumentals of classic Hawaiian songs such as Aloha ‘Oe. Perfect to mellow out for bedtime or just release the stresses of the day and let your imagination take a trip to the Pacific Islands!

The third album is by Guy Sweens, titled Kamadeva which includes more wind chimes, the Armenian Duduk and Sitar as the predominant instruments. Great driving music but also good for focus on projects and to meditate, of course.

Then, there are two songs by Karl Maddison: Wishing Wheel and Namaste. Both invoke deep thought and are great for meditation and long road trip driving!

Finally, I introduce Peter Phippen’s piece, Divinity, from his Book Of Dreams album which also has a lot of Duduk and wind chimes.

All are very spiritual and enchanting pieces. I’ve found myself playing them over and over, lulled into almost a dream state. So, below are the playlists of these new additions to my music collection. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

NAMASTE! (The deepest part of me honors the deepest part of you)

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