The reason we went to Mendocino was because my mom wanted to visit an old college friend of hers.  It’s a beautiful town with clapboard and Victorian houses, situated along the coastal cliffs of Northern California.

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I noticed that a lot of the old buildings around town still kept their water towers.  I was mesmerized by these towers and the dutch tower structures….

My mother’s college friend owns a little kaleidoscope shop….I even met one of the Captains of the fleet of vessels featured in Whale Wars, Chuck Swift.


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Walking around town, I stumble upon a group of guys working in a foundry…Working in this shop was a boy named Miles, who was learning the ropes.


The foundry sits just behind the Mendocino Art Center and is a part of the Center….

The most memorable meal my mother and I had together was at the Albion River Inn. We were treated like royalty! The dishes they prepared were absolutely delicious and elegantly plated!  The herbs and vegetables they used in their recipes were actually grown in their garden! We had a table with a view of the coast and their garden!

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