Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

The other half of the Zion National Park trip was the back loop of the drive, leaving the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway and driving down I-89 toward Kanab.  My mom has a vested interest in the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, so we decided to go see their facility.  I’ve been to a few animal rescue facilities but this place really amazed me.  They started out as just a few friends rescuing a few pets in the area and kept on growing.  Now, the facility is nestled nicely in Angel’s Canyon.  They affiliate around the nation with as many of the other animal rescue organizations as they can.  The goal is that all animal rescue facilities are “no kill” and every homeless pet or animal has somewhere safe and comfortable to stay.  The animals here are housed according to their current circumstances and go through training if it is needed.  They get all of the medical attention they need.  Animals of all kinds can stay here from rabbits and guinea pigs to birds, to cats, dogs, horses and other farm animals!  Twenty Three of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs were housed here!  All of them were doomed to be put down, but none of them that came to stay here ever were.  A majority of them have been rehabilitated successfully for adoption and the few that aren’t quite ready are stilling undergoing training and rehabilitation.  Their prognosis is good, too!  There’s always hope for an animal at this facility.  Angel’s Rest is the cemetery where animals who pass on are laid to rest.  Every Thursday, there is a memorial service for them.  Angel’s Rest is adorned with wind chime trees scattered throughout the cemetery.  If I were an animal, this is where I’d want to rest.  Even some of the horses pastures have natural walking trails down to fresh creeks for drinking water!  This is a truly wonderful facility!

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