Take A Listening Vacation To Hawaii!

Crest falling into the curl! Yeeeeessssssss!!!!

Aloha, Readers!  Perhaps you have figured out that from reading my posts, you get to know about me, personally.  Here is yet another aspect of my persona that goes back to my first formative memories as a child.  Even though I was born in Utah, at the tender age of just six months old, my family moved to Hawaii because my dad was in the Air Force then and was transferred to Oahu.  I was on the Islands when there were more beaches than high rises.  Diamond Head could be seen in its entirety!  I was there when the big wave hit in ’60.  Naturally, my first musical influences were those of the Hawaiian Islands.  The following playlists are a compilation of old Hawaiian classics.  If you are so inclined, mix up a Mai Tai, put on the fan, close your eyes and play the lists below!

The first list is the MP3 format of one of two old albums my dad gave me.

This next list is a compilation of a couple other Hawaiian artists.

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