Stormy Seaside

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit Seaside, Oregon, again. Thanks to my mom for providing the accommodations for the week of March 6 through the 12th, those of us who had the time and resources available to travel there, went. It was another family gathering thing. This time, my husband was able to go with me! My intent was to take fresh, high resolution images of Seaside and the surrounding areas of Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock.

The last time I was there, I had just bought my Nikon Coolpix P510 and had it set for the lowest resolution setting because I didn’t have enough onboard memory to go higher yet. I took nice images but they aren’t useful for some work I do with images. These are THOSE images:

I had fun with learning my new camera AND learning a free download photo editor called Picasa, but I wanted to shoot new, high resolution images. It rained nearly the whole time we were there, but I was able to get some interesting images…..

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Seashells are my thing!

I’ve been collecting them since I was about two or three years old. There is a really cool shop in the Carousel Mall of the shopping district called “By The Sea.” It’s a really neat shop filled with things from the sea including one of the BEST collections of show quality sea shells I’ve ever seen! I crossed off another “Bucket List” item on this trip to Seaside by buying a Glory Of The Seas Cone Shell! It was considered one of the rarest shells to have when I was growing up.

More on sea shells in another post…..

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It was March and March is known for its crazy storms. This year, March came in like a roaring lion! For most of the trip, rain squall after rain squall came ashore! On one evening, TWO storms converged right over the town in an amazing downpour with wind causing the power to go out for over six hours! We watched the drama unfold from our seventh floor room, watching lights fade as generator fuel in the different businesses slowly ran out. By late evening, the town was dark.

Seaside is known to be very evenly temperate and wet. Dampness and cold also play into viruses getting easily passed around. In our group of travelers, there were a couple little ones who arrived sick. A little contact with them and I got very sick! My sister, who stayed in the same unit with them also got sick with the same virus! I came down with that virus the day before we were to leave….Still, while I had a little energy, I shot a few images on the way home.

My husband fell in love with Seaside and we’ll probably be back visiting the town in the near future. It took me a month to recover from the virus. I’ll never forget that part!


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