Photo Challenge: Patterns

Patterns are everywhere in life!

All it takes is to slow down enough to see them.

Patterns are extremely important to me.

They offer up creative thought as I observe patterns in nature, such as wave sets on the beach, or simply a dewy spider web and even frost has its patterns. Birds display patterns in their feathers! For some species, it indicates the sex of the bird, while in other species both birds wear the same patterns.  In some animals, patterns warn predators away.  Even the weather has patterns and one of the most basic patterns are the seasons.

I use patterns to try to help me diagnose problems in technology.  I did that for many years as a profession and I still use patterns as a tool today.  This laptop – which is only three months new – is having problems.  I’m documenting them to help resolve the cause (so, if I stop writing for a while, the laptop had to go to be fixed).

Patterns can be useful is sensing the ‘temperature’ of a relationship.
Patterns psychologically influence people.
Patterns are everywhere.  They are useful and they are beautiful….

The patterns of plants and flowers are very fascinating; especially when looked at very closely.


We’re most familiar with the orb webs – they are fascinating; especially when weather influences them like dew or frost – but, take a look at different webs.  They tell you who lives there.

There is patterns in wood that indicate age or its current state….

Today,if you think about it, look around for patterns in your world!

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