A Common Visitor

Recently, on Face Book, I read a really cute little poem about a common visitor to all of us. The poem was written by David Vahlberg, a very dear friend of mine, so we can kind of consider this post a Guest Post!

It’s a story about a little girl who meets this visitor and how she deals with him. He’s common to all of our lives, always appearing when we really don’t want him around, much like Murphy (of Murphy’s Law).

Read on!


“Hi I’m a Noid

what are you?”

Sue replied, ”a sweet little girl,

So what’s a Noid do?”

“I do something bad

that makes people mad,

because they’re annoyed

tt makes me feel glad.”

“How can they be Noids?

they don’t look like you,

they are still people,

so what do you do?”

asked sweet little Sue.

“I tell you I’m mean

I say things so bad

they are annoyed

so then I am glad.”

“I pull girls hair

trip boys on the stair,

you better beware!

I’m a Noid.”

“I hide everywhere,

my meanness to share

you better take care,

I’m a Noid.”

“Well, you are spiky and ugly

and mean as they get,

you seem so neglected

but I would just bet;

that you’re scared and you’re hungry,

somebody’s lost pet.”

“You have a bad attitude

but I’m sure you knew it

I’m still a sweet little girl

so I guess you just blew it

when I need a pet

I’ll get a Round Tuit.”

Then the Noid was annoyed

and ran off pulling his hair,

but that’s not surprising,

it grew everywhere.

David Vahlberg


I would rather have a Round Tuit than a Noid any day! We pity the poor Noid, don’t we?

Thank you, Mr. Vahlberg, for sharing this poem and allowing me to share it via my blog!

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