My Seattle Seahawk Playlist



Admittedly, I’m a fairly NEW Seattle Seahawk fan and 12. I was unaware of the Seahawks when they first started up their franchise in 1976. Then, I was still in high school and concerned with the usual things a teenager would be worried about at that time. I didn’t seriously climb on board the 12 bandwagon until 2013 when Russell Wilson came to the team.

But, what anyone who knows me knows is that when I make a commitment, I’m ALL IN and I have been ever since and will be until my last day on this plane of existence.

I’m enjoying that ride, including my fan ritual, my front yard shrine that is on display from pre-season to the very last game they play (hopefully the Super Bowl), and my two uniforms for away and home games.

On the subject of rituals, I have a Game Day ritual now. It involves laying out the appropriate uniform, putting my neon SEAHAWK lamp in the window, ensuring I have my Seahawk pajamas at the ready for after the game, laying out the game elements (pom poms, terrible towels, special beverage glass) and playing a special playlist I’ve put together based on popular songs used during their games.

I have been adding, deleting and editing this playlist for several games and listening to it before each game, as a part of that routine. After all of these edits, I’ve finally got the playlist down to something I’m pretty happy with! When I don the gear and get ready for SOME FOOTBALL, then is when I play the music! I’d like to share that playlist with you, dear readers!

Here it is:

2 thoughts on “My Seattle Seahawk Playlist

  1. What a great city Seattle is. They had an unbelievable snow storm recently, did you see that? I’m going to be moving up there in a few weeks and I’m glad I missed that. I hope you all are staying warm 🙂


    • I live north of Seattle on Whidbey Island. Yes, I experienced the snow storms in February. It was brutal. Lost our ’04 Tacoma truck and my Coolpix P510 field camera in that event. We hit black ice and totaled the truck. I have a post titled “Goodbye My Friend” that talks all about it.

      It is now Spring and very nice out! Come back and visit again!


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