Glen Eden, Oregon, in November

This post is for my first blogger friend, Cat, who is planning to move to Oregon this year!  I had the delightful pleasure of spending time with my mom and other family members in Glen Eden, Oregon, last November.  This is a tiny community just south of Lincoln City and north of Depoe Bay.  It was a great time!  Spending time with my mother is always a kick!  I was also able to reconnect with my sister who is a year younger than me.  There were also the others, whom I’ve not had the opportunity to get to know because we all live in different states; some as far east as New York!  It was a grand time!

I flew in to Portland to meet up with my mother, niece from New York and her two daughters.  Then, we drove over to Glen Eden to meet up with everyone else.  I spent precious time with Grandnieces and Grandnephews I met only as tiny babies and never got to know.  The first winter storm on the west coast had just passed through the week before which left breath taking sunsets and great surf to photograph!  We found agates on the beach, which re-awakened a childhood hobby of rock hounding.  I bought a rock polisher for Christmas!

It was a ten-day (too short) visit filled with aquarium visits, exploring the beach and just enjoying each other!  Now, I’ll let my photos finish the story!

On the way over to our destination in Glen Eden, my mother pulled off the road as we were winding through the mountains and hills toward the shore, to this muddy, unpaved road. A few slippery twists brought us to this covered bridge with several antique vehicles and a barn full of fascinating old things within…..

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After some dramatic photos taken, we were on our way again, making it to our destination in the early afternoon. More family arrived and by the time everyone was settled in, the sun was setting….These are just SOME of the photos I took of the sunsets there.

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The surf, as I mentioned before, was also delightfully affected by the recent storm. Just as I couldn’t get enough of the stunning sunsets, I also couldn’t stop shooting pictures of the surf. There was always that ONE angle, that ONE curl or that ONE crest that I just HAD to shoot!

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One of the other fascinating things about dramatic, storm-churned waves is the sea foam it creates. I find sea foam to be a mesmerizing subject for photography…

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The first morning I was there, I went for an early morning walk on the beach with my camera, of course. I met up with a young feloow named Dustin and his dog, Bubba. They were a fun shoot!

There were the beach treasures and sand castles….

Agates were fun to search for and find….They are most easily found after storms, so I guess we timed our visit to this area well!

On one day, we were exploring around the town of Newport and discovered this colorful and fun little village right next to the aquarium!

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Of course, with several youngsters in tow and because I love them, we visited the Newport Aquarium….

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What a wonderful visit! We enjoyed such beautiful beach and coastal views! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves….

…However, all good things must come to an end, and so it is with this visit. On our way home, we stopped in a town named McMinnville for lunch and saw this funky little store!

A crazy-good store in McMinnville, OR

I’m sure I’ll be returning to this area some other time. My next adventure is in the planning stages. I’m looking to head to Mendicino, CA with my mom!

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