Photo Challenge: Faceless

Beverly Beach


This image above is one my husband took of me when we took a little Anniversary get-away down south Island to a place called Beverly Beach. I use this image frequently as an Avatar for social media and for my work.

If a photo is taken of me, this is the way I prefer it be taken!

I’m a little camera shy and like to be on the OTHER end of the camera capturing other folks.

It’s not that I think I’m ugly; I just don’t like having my image taken. I like this image of me, though.


Similarly, my husband also DOES NOT like his photo taken, either, but I still take them anyway. To be fair, I purposely shot this one as a silhouette to draw attention more toward WHAT he is doing. I love his style of beach casting and here, he is fishing for salmon. Something both of us ardently love doing.


Faceless to me means SILHOUETTE which is a style of photography I enjoy exploring. It adds dramatic effect to what is happening in the image while providing the subjects of the photo with a little anonymity.

Faceless really isn’t faceless at all; it’s just anonymous…

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