Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016

I bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016 with open arms!

2015: A year of transition for many, disastrous for others, and for me, a year to re-evaluate the direction I’m trying to go and the steps I need to take to keep it going at a decent clip.  So much to learn!  Even more to discover!

Most of it for sharing! So, hello 2016 and farewell to 2015!


I haven’t held a ‘real’ job since February of 2011.  My husband allowed me to stop working for Valentine’s Day that year.  I was working a very, very physical job and osteoarthritis was making it more and more difficult to carry out my duties at the 110% level I’ve always prided myself in doing.  It simply hurt too much to keep that pace going.  My job – a blue collar one – was as a Custodial Worker at a hospital.  The pay was very good and it helped us to achieve some very important goals that got us to where we are now: both retired.

Since then, I got some hefty home projects done like sodding the 1700 square foot hill gracing our front yard, refinishing three decks- twice, having a studio for my yard art built and repainting the hull of my boat, among other things. Beyond that, with the help of the WordPress folks, I put this site together and got back into photography which had been a dormant thing in my life for about twenty years.

I was pretty good at the film photography and still do compose images well, but the digital photography world is considerably different!  To really be into it, I have so much more to learn!  I’m doing that every day now!  I had my initial infatuation with my cameras and am gearing up to take it to the next level!

Last year, I took some online courses and learned a little about web page design and HTML.  Those notes are kept handy and I try to use them in my posts now.  The year also was one for exploring various social media!  I was just a Face Book and LinkedIn person but now, I have several accounts to use as pipelines for my writing and blogging.

As an essentially shy and conservative person, I proceed with these projects cautiously and perhaps a little more slowly than most.  I do it my way.  This year, I plan to branch out even further.  New camera lenses are on the horizon.

There are places to go and much to see!

I sense real promise for this new year.  Welcome 2016!

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