The Final Leg of the Trip and Then Home….

Thanks to a fabulously crazy busy summer, it has taken me six months to post the final photos from my trip to Utah last March.  The first slideshow is about the Red Canyon which shares many similarities with Zion and Bryce Canyon’s but also bears its own unique, stand-out beauty.  I had the pleasure of enjoying the splendor of this canyon both going to and coming from Bryce Canyon, since it is along the way TO Bryce Canyon.  What I noticed was the stark vibrancy of rock formations.  They are much more red than those in Bryce or Zion, making them unique in their own right.

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More close to home base were some interesting things to see.  Just down the road from where we stayed is a nice little neighborhood of homes. One of these homes had a fabulous yard art display. This slideshow is all about that home’s front yard of fabulous art!

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Time flies when you’re having fun!  It was time to make our way home.  Heading out of St. George, we quickly visited the Silver Reef Ghost Town. This ghost town is unique in that silver was found among the sandstone which is rare.  One of Wells Fargo’s first posts in the new West was built here, too.  We didn’t have time to take the tour and had actually arrived there before the park opened, so I was only able to take just a few photos. I WILL return to fully explore this ghost town.

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From that quick stop, we were back on the road, making that three hundred plus mile trek north to Salt Lake City, where I catch my flight home to Seattle in the morning. This slideshow is about that trip back to the city. Included is a really cute Cooperative rest area/old amusement park, and some photos of the ever present and  majestic Rockies.

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What does one do while sitting in a window seat on a plane? Take in-flight photos of what you see below! This is what I saw headed west! The Big Guy is the crowning photo in this slideshow, heralding my arrival into Seattle.

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