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This is a story about playing football all in and with HEART.  It’s about getting started on the wrong foot but not getting frustrated and giving up.  It’s about a solid “can do” spirit and a concerted effort to succeed when the odds are against you!  That’s what the Seahawks did in the NFC Championship game.  The TWELVES were ready and all in to support their team from wherever they watched the game.  Russel wasn’t on his game in the first half.  He was sacked a couple times.  Penalties mounted against the Seahawks, pushing them back time and again.  Both Baldwin and Kearse missed or fumbled the ball when it was thrown to them.  It didn’t look pretty for the Seahawks, in the beginning.  For many folks, the game was already decided.

Rodgers, however, WAS on his game, scoring two field goals and a touch down in the first quarter alone!   By all rights, it looked like the game was going to be for the Packers.  It was 16 – 0 by half time.  The Seahawks, though, are known to be “comeback kids” in the second quarter.  The TWELVES believe. They know it isn’t over until the Fat Lady sings and she hasn’t sung yet.  Half time is a great time for the Seahawks team to regroup and gather their moxie for the second quarter.  Still, in the third quarter, it still seemed a dubious thing for the Seahawks with the score still 16 -0 at the end of the quarter.  It’s nail chewing time for many Twelves.  We SO want the Seahawks to at least score in the game.  Please!  No shut outs today!!!!

The game progresses into the fourth quarter.  The Twelves begin to see some signs that the ‘Hawks have awakened and are beginning to settle into their groove.  It’s a little late in the game but better late than never!  We still believe!  We see life breathing back into the team.  No, they HAVE NOT given up!  Proof is in the pudding when Ryan sets up for a field goal kick but fakes it, passing the ball to a rookie named Gilliam for Seattle’s first touch down AND score of the game!  In the meantime, Richard Sherman has hurt his elbow and is pulled from the game to be examined.  Anyone who knows Sherman – even a little – knows he won’t set well with being out of THIS game!!! It’s now 16 – 7, Green Bay.


reen Bay has the ball and effectively marches down the field to score a field goal, making the score 19 and 7 with 3:22 minutes left in the game.  It’s Seattle’s ball again.  After a couple of plays, Russell runs the ball into the end zone for another touch down!  The score is now 19 -14 with just two minutes left in regulation game!  Seattle sets up and goes for an onside kick which is SUCCESSFUL, and they have the ball back!  The clock is ticking!  The Twelves are on the edges of our seats in total amazement but WE BELIEVE!!!  We’re there!  We’re in! 

It seems as if there is a weird magic in the air because Marshawnch Lynch runs the ball in for yet another touch down!  Seattle is on top in the game for the first time with the score now at 19 -20, Seahawks, and just a little over one minute left in the game.  The ‘Hawks go for two points and MAKE IT!!!  In just eleven seconds, the Seahawks have a three point lead!  Still, there is just enough time for Rodgers to take the ball down the field and the Packers to score a field goal, tying the game and sending it into OVERTIME!

Does anyone need a paper bag, at this point?  Unbelievable!  Still, the Twelves BELIEVE!  This can still happen!  Seattle can still take this game!

Sherman is back in the game, playing with one arm!  Seattle wins the coin toss and elects to receive.  In just a few plays, Russell throws to Kearse, who redeems himself by catching the ball and running it in for THE WINNING TOUCH DOWN!  The Seahawks are, once again, the NFC CHAMPIONS!  SEATTLE IS GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL, AGAIN!!!

Pete Carroll is ecstatically celebrating; Russell is in tears of happiness and the Packers stand in disbelief!

I don’t like using the word “unprecedented” because it is way over used.  The media abuses that word, time and again.  Unprecedented means “it has never occurred” and in this case, that IS what happened in this game!  The ending of this Championship game was completely unprecedented!  For me, it still does not come as a shock.  The Seattle Seahawks play with more honesty and heart than any team I’ve ever watched.  They take each game as it comes.  They keep their ego in check.  This game was one of never giving up.  This game was won purely by playing with HEART.  We, the TWELVES, believed.  They, the SEAHAWKS, believed.  THIS IS HOW GAMES ARE TRULY WON.  THIS IS HOW THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS DEFINE THEMSELVES.

THIS IS WINNING in its purest sense.


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