Thanksgiving Is A Foodie’s Christmas!


I awoke at my usual 4 a.m time .

It’s my normal routine.  I get up, straighten up and wake the coffee maker up.  I have a Keurig and I like to employ the re-usable K-cups with my favorite blend of coffee.  After checking social media and responding to folks, I consider today: Thanksgiving Day.  My husband usually sleeps until about 6:30 or so but he’s up now.  He enters the great room area humming a Christmas tune and then states, “Thanksgiving is a Foodie’s Christmas!”  A sip of coffee and a moment to ponder that statement and I realize, he’s right!  It IS a Foodie’s Christmas!  This day begins with making menu selections a month or more ahead!  But, that initial selection is always subject to change, as was the case this year.  Last month, we’d talked about doing the traditional turkey fare, but last week, I cooked Cornish Game Hen with stuffing which satisfied my husband’s craving for stuffing – I guess – for the month, so we opted for the spiral ham and no stuffing.  In separate posts, I’ll share the recipes we’ve found if I’m happy with them.

Since for me, every day is Thanksgiving and has been since the day I nearly lost my life, I use this holiday to reach out to neighbors, family and friends.  This year, it will be quiet.  Family is out of state, out of town or otherwise committed to going some place else.  It’s been a transitional year for this household because we both are fully retired and learning how to be retired.  Some of that process is a little isolating as we learn new routines and ways to stay in touch.  It’s a cross roads.  It’s a new chapter in our journey together.  I’m grateful for that, but mostly, I’m grateful for all of the folks I’ve had the honor of meeting as I navigate life.  I’m grateful for the neighborhood I live in. We are a close-knit bunch of people that look out for each other.  I’ve always dreamed of living in a neighborhood like this and worried that it was a thing of the past.  I’m grateful for living on an island which is another dream I had.  I’ve finally found the guy who somewhat understands me and encourages me to be who I am; I’m grateful to be in his life. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to different places like Seaside, Glen Eden and Virginia Beach to enjoy family.  I am so grateful to be healthy enough to do all of this!

Every day, I am grateful for every aspect of my life as I’ve lived it, so far, because if it weren’t for those elements in my life – at those particular times – I wouldn’t be who I am today.  Even the negative elements get a nod for that. Those scars don’t define me but serve to show me how far I’ve come from those adverse times.

Most important to me, I am grateful for all who served and are serving.  Their sacrifice is very real and huge.  I am grateful and very proud to be a part of the military and Navy communities.  For those folks I had the honor of meeting and serving with, I think about you every day, PROUDLY.  For those folks I know that continue to serve, I pray for the successful completion of your careers and safe return from harms way.  I am indebted to you.

So, today, I spend the day, playing in the kitchen, exploring new recipes and just breathing in the smells while it all slowly cooks.  I have old fashioned Egg Nog that I’ll spike with Spiced Rum (I’m not much of a Bourbon person)…We’ll have some mulled Apple Cider on the stove wafting warm scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove (I called these spices together the Fab Four).  I’ve already prepared the Waldorf Salad and made my Yummy Rummy Pumpkin Pie.  I’m making Persimmon Pudding for the first time.  I’m going to make a dish of roasted purple potatoes, sweet potato, rainbow carrots, parsnips a Brussels Sprouts which I plan to serve over Garlic Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes….It’s my way of celebrating a day that really is an everyday thing for me!

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Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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