What A Ride!

There are ironic parallels between the 2015 NFC Championship game and Super Bowl XLIX, with the most obvious being the last minute victory take-away.  In the Championship game, the Seahawks came away with a last-minute victory by being well behind Green Bay all game long and winning in the last four minutes of that game with some astounding plays that surprised both, Packers fans and the Twelves.  Green Bay is ahead all the way into the third quarter, dominating with five interceptions culminating in three field goals and one touchdown and the score standing at 16-0.  However, playing with heart and determination, Ryan fakes a field goal attempt and passes the ball to Gilliam for our first touch down of the game with 4:44 remaining in the third quarter, putting the Seahawks a little closer with the score being 16-7.  Green Bay answers with a field goal early in the fourth and they are up 19-7, but Seattle isn’t done with the Packers yet.  They have a lot of work yet to do and they don’t give up for anyone!

Russel Wilson runs in a one-yard touch down to bring the score closer at 19-14, with just two minutes and nine seconds remaining in regulation time.  Russel passes the ball to Marshawn Lynch, who “Beast Modes” it into the end zone for another touchdown.  The scored is now 19-20, Seahawks.  A successful two-point conversion by the Hawks creates a three-point deficit for the Packers, but they are able to move the ball down the field into field goal range.  A successful field goal attempt by the Packers at just fourteen seconds remaining, ties the score and the game goes into overtime.  It is either team’s chance to take the Championship but the Hawks have the ball and move it down the field where Russell passes the ball for a touchdown and the game is over.  The Seahawks are once again the NFC Champions and they are going to the Super Bowl!!

Rallies occur all over the Pacific Northwest coast!  The Legion of Twelves are ecstatic!  There were more Twelves at the Super Bowl than Patriots fans!!!  Twelve huge ’12 flags,’ signed by Seahawks fans, are sent over to Arizona.  One of them is flown over the stadium via helicopter.  We, the Twelves, are ready for a Re-PETE  For me, I bought three helium balloons that graced my front deck rail, flanking my Twelve flag that has been flying continuously since preseason.  That day’s Super Bowl XLIX fare was Shrimp Nachos using blue and green colored tortilla chips and a box of Twelve table wine!  I’m decked, head to toe, with my Twelve jersey and pants, face decals, Seahawks earrings and necklace, socks and slippers.  I’ve even donned press-on nails I painted blue and green with Seahawks decals affixed to them.  Even my toe nails are painted Seahawks blue and green.

I’m stoked!

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So, the game begins. This is going to be a good game! Both teams battle, fiercely, back and forth in the first quarter and neither team is able to score. In the second quarter, both teams score two touchdowns a piece. Wilson throws to Lynch for the first Seahawks touchdown and the throws to Matthews for the second one. Back and forth, both teams battle and answer! It was the quickest first half Super Bowl game I’d seen! Half time is spectacular! This is proving to be the game fans from both teams expected!

The third quarter looks very promising for the Seahawks, as they break the tied score with a field goal and then a touchdown throw by Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin. The score is 24 to 14, Seahawks. The fourth quarter begins. The Patriots kick it into gear and score a touchdown with 7:55 minutes remaining. We try to answer back but don’t. Then, the Patriots score another touchdown and there is just two minutes remaining in regulation time. We drive! We still have a chance to “git ‘er dun!” We’ve been in this predicament before. Remember the NFC Championship game? Yes! WE CAN DO THIS! Wilson throws to Kearse and is able to get the ball down to the one yard line! It’s our victory to have but for whatever reason, the decision was made to throw to Lockette instead of Lynch and the ball was intercepted by the Patriots, sealing the Seahawks fate. The Patriots win Super Bowl XLIX! I’m stunned! All of the Twelves are stunned!!! Even the Patriots and their fans are stunned!

What???? How??? It was like the air was audibly let out of my lungs….Prior to the game, the Patriots were accused of cheating in their last game with under-inflated game balls. That’s exactly how I felt: deflated. No victory ringing of the bell today. The victory, for whatever reason, is not ours, today. Not yet.

So, the parallel between the two games lay in the fact that the victory was determined in the very last seconds of the game with a huge surprise! More irony can also be found in the two Seahawks games leading up TO the Super Bowl, where the Seahawks pulled a victory by battling back from behind in the very last seconds of those two games. Even score parallels can be found in this last season.

This was a two-year, PHENOMENAL ride the Seattle Seahawks took their Twelves on. I am so grateful for that! Although the season ended anti-climatically, it was ONE HELLUVA RIDE! It wasn’t the Seahawks time for a repeat victory. From a philosophical standpoint, perhaps the ‘powers that be’ has determined they aren’t quite ready for that second Super Bowl victory. Not yet. Our lead players were all playing with painful injuries. Richard Sherman had torn elbow ligaments from the Championship game. He continued to play on in that game with just one arm; cradling the injured one. Earl Thomas suffered a shoulder injury, early in the NFC Championship game.

What I’ve learned from this team over the past three years is that they are a humble (for the most part; I mean, by comparison to other players on other teams….), they strive to set exemplary examples off season and when they aren’t on the field. Most, if not all (I haven’t checked every player’s off season activities) are involved in many charitable activities. You don’t hear about DUI’S or other misbehavior. They avoid, as much as they can, smack talk about other teams. Russell admitted, last year, to being a bully as a youngster, offering help to other young bullies. The honesty, humility, dignity and grace is a tangible theme among the entire team from top management (including the owner), down.

They play with more heart than any team I’ve seen in a long time! They never give up; even in the last seconds of the game! They strive to improve upon penalties (which they do have a lot of work to do there), sportsmanship and their play strategies. It’s all about the team and not any one single player. Not a ONE player or coach on this team has accepted all of the credit for a victory nor do they play the “blame game” when there is loss. EVERY member of the team accepts responsibility when there are mistakes and they are generous to share the credit when there is victory! Along with that, they are very gracious to their fan base! Victory is always shared with their fans.

I believe that the Seattle Seahawks has the BEST and certainly the LOUDEST fans of the entire league! They are extremely grateful to their fans and never leave them out in the cold. The feeling is certainly mutual, for we Twelves, are grateful to our team for all they do! The synergy among the team and the fans is simply amazing! I’m proud to be a Seahawks Twelve. I was definitely very blue, the following week after the Super Bowl. Naturally so. Along with the highs, there will certainly be the lows. It’s a roller coaster ride! Who ever heard of a roller coaster ride with only ups, right? So, along with the highs of victory, the lows of defeat also must be embraced. That is what it is about.

For the Seahawks, it’s about one game at a time and continued improvement. For the Legion of Twelves, it’s the support and belief. I BELIEVE! I’ve been saying that and posting that before EVERY game on Facebook. I noticed it has caught on! T-shirts are now emblazoned with those two words. The Seahawks have their Legion of Boom on defense. The fan base is the Legion of Twelves, steadfastly forever. WE BELIEVE!

Seahawks, rest and heal. Do that magical voodoo, you do when off the field! We move on and look forward to yet another magical season; starting next August. We’re ready and waiting. Thank you, Seattle Seahawks, for a most memorable and magical two years of riding the Big Kahuna of victory! SeaHAWKS!!! Go HAWKS!

Love, One of the Twelves

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