“Chip Chip”


…That is the sound Chipmunks make when calling out to other Chipmunks, according to Wikipedia and other sites I read on Chipmunks.

I have a new found fascination with Chipmunks.

Last month, after all of the fresh planting of annuals in flower beds and the creation of twelve flower baskets, I was gazing out my sliding glass door to admire my work for this year’s flower gardens in the back. I noticed some fleeting movement right by the boat garden. A flash of stripes moving under, around and along the gunwales of the boat garden. Then, poised on hind legs, standing on the bow point of the boat garden is a chipmunk!

Meet Chip!

The chipmunk is drawn to the bird seed from a bird feeder we have hung out there. The feeder is a Christmas present from my husband’s son. We’ve been entertained by it ever since we first hung it. Quail, rough-shinned hawks and now, even red wing black birds visit. We also see pairs of American Gold Finches feeding there. We’ve observed funny bird drama watching the birds feed. I’ve added a double garden hook to accommodate a feeder for hummingbirds, as well.

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I’m enamored!

Will the little creature stay around? Is this a one-time visit? I watch him with delight and joy!

Then, the next morning I see the chipmunk again ~ and again the next morning! We’d even see him in the afternoons, competing with the birds for seed.

Just when I had grown accustomed to seeing the little critter, it disappears for nearly two weeks! I found myself worrying about it. I saw some crows eating the remnants of a small, furry creature in my side yard and run out to inspect what they have! It’s a wild baby bunny. There are many of them around so I breathe a sigh of relief and continue watching for Chip.

Then, one morning,


And so the cycle continues of watching Chip appear regularly and then disappear from time to time, causing me worry.

I’ve embraced the furry little critter as a part of my garden family, I guess….

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