In Summary, The Warm Months!

The storm season in the Pacific Northwest is at hand and winter is just around the corner.

The flower beds have been tucked in for the winter, for the most part.  We’ve had our first few blasts of strong winds and soaking rains.  The first frost occurred this week and snow has already been falling in the Cascade and Olympic mountains.  Just before we get into the thick of things, this winter, I thought I’d post my favorite Spring/Summer images as a sort of Grand Finale……

To kick off the sunny seasons, we start with Memorial Day!  As is typical in the Pacific Northwest, it was raining….

The next significant event was an outdoor wedding held at Bowman Bay. I don’t show folks’ faces without their express permission but I gleaned a few fun, impressionistic images surrounding the wedding….

I did a little sailing on Mondays with friends on a 40-foot sail boat around the sound…..

Spring and summer, this year, had been unusually warm and dry with average temperatures around 75 degrees Farenheit! I had a lot of fun photographing different aspects of my gardens, the fauna and just some fun with sprinklers….

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July Fourth was warm….Some garden tributes to our country….

My husband retired from working, later in July, and our first spur-of-the-moment adventure was to drive down to the Keystone/Port Townsend ferry and walk on. We walked off the ferry in Port Townsend only to walk up to their QFC store to buy some nice tenderloin steaks and then walk back down to the ferry. Naturally, I always have my camera in hand….

Next, we took a trip up to Leavenworth, WA, which is a Bavarian town up Highway 2, in the Cascade mountains. It was pretty hot up there! Amazing flower baskets adorn nearly every business. I wondered how they kept them all watered and so beautiful….One of these images shows how that is done. There are misting systems installed everywhere and the side benefit of them is that warm visitors can also enjoy the mist….

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We wrangled crab….

We went fishing off the beach for salmon and did very well this year! Over twenty salmon caught between the two of us…..

I went to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg….

We took a trip to San Diego in October where it was unusually hot and dry. We endured temperatures as high as 112 degrees F and the average was 95.

In between all of that were hummingbirds, butterflies, bubbles and full moons.

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What a great warm season it was!

2 thoughts on “In Summary, The Warm Months!

    • Nope…..It’s in there….Even Mount Trashmore and that little lonesome latte’ cup was included along with some images from Williamsburg….It’s very brief because it’s a summary of the season’s activities. I didn’t include any personal images because I always like to ask first. I get bugged when someone takes a shot of me, knows I don’t like my picture taken but posts me up on FB or somewhere else. I prefer to keep an aire of mystery….This piece is not meant to be specific but more impressionistic in nature. Take another look!


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