Photo Challenge: Chair

The Chair can be your friend but it can also act as a foe.

It allows you to place yourself at tables, desks, events and a whole host of other places.

On the other hand, sitting at one for long periods of time can be unhealthy.

Yet, this necessary piece of furniture has played roles in some of the most significant events in history, being the support under a leader’s bum while he or she makes decisions. Even today, globally, chairs are sat in while world leaders talk, negotiate and decide.

I’ve seen this hapless piece of furniture become the target of someone’s anger on a near-daily basis on a daytime television show.

The chairs in the images below illustrate two uses: for offering guests a place to sit at a wedding ceremony to witness a very important event in a couple’s lives;

…And, as a hapless, unwanted object for sale at a yard sale and car wash. This particular chair caught my attention because it looks just like the one I have in our office at home. Ours still serves us well and has for nearly twenty years! It’s seat, like this one, is flattened but ends of the arms are tattered and worn from bumping up against the desk.  This poor chair has a little lean to the left!

Hey! That looks like MY chair at home!

Hey! That looks like MY chair at home!

I’m currently sitting at a dining chair to write this!

Hale to the faithful chair! May they continue to support our butts through time!

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