The Honored Versatile Blogger Award

versatilebloggeraward Just yesterday, I received an email from Rashida of 876LoverR informing me that I was nominated for this honored award! Not only am I flattered but very surprised, since I’ve been blogging for less than a year. I’d like to thank for her special vote of confidence in my writing ability and for giving me this award.

I have to be honest. Several months ago, I received notification of another blogging award but because of my network security background and constant vigil of suspicious emails, I thought it was some sort of hoax or scam thing going around much like is seen in Facebook and other social media sites. I didn’t realize it was genuine. I did not know and missed out. So, in reality, this is my second award but first one graciously and humbly accepted.

Even though I love to write, originally, this site was intended to showcase my photography work. Original plans morphed into just sharing anything deemed interesting to me, like my travels, pearls of wisdom, recipes and very importantly, music. Currently, there is a lot of excitement in my neck of the woods about professional football. So, I had to add a fan page which has gotten the most attention, lately because I’m a Twelve which is an integral part of the Seattle Seahawks team and they are going to the Super Bowl, AGAIN!

The ideas come in and are noted. The list continues to grow and overwhelm me. I didn’t think my photography would be as busy as it has gotten but the exposure via volunteering and attending local events like Seahawks Rallies has really brought attention to my photo work. Happily, I am extremely busy for a retired person!

This award will most likely bring about more exposure of my site to the blogging world and that is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much, Rashida, for your vote of confidence in my writing and blogging skills.

In keeping with the award recipient guidelines, here are seven facts about me:
1. I served twenty two years in the Navy and am a retired Navy Chief! Though the uniform and hat are in the closet of my spare bedroom, invisibly, I still wear the Chief’s cover and remain available to the young sailors I know that are currently serving around the globe. That was the main, original reason I created a Facebook account; to keep in touch and be available for them. Once a Navy Chief; always a Navy Chief.
2. Retirement isn’t boring at all, for me! In fact, it really is just a cross roads for me to discover and develop other facets of myself that were stymied while I was a part of the “working world.” I am now a Photographer, Writer and Artist, but I’ve worked in the Blue Collar world in construction and as a custodial worker at a hospital. I’ve been in the white collar field as an IT professional, specializing in network security and training for the end user. Having worked in both “collar” communities allowed me to develop a unique perspective on people and how they are perceived, based on their occupation. My philosophy on that is to never judge a book by its cover; it may surprise and delight you!
3. I do have a four-year college degree in Psychology. I earned that degree in 2003. I was older than most of my instructors and professors, and because of that, college was a blast! My message here is that if you aren’t ready to go to college out of high school, please don’t feel like you have to. Go WHEN YOU ARE READY TO GO. Also, it is NEVER TOO LATE! As long as you are a live, you can do anything you put your mind to.
4. Like, Shida, I am an optimist. The glass is half full to me and just waiting to be filled! When I retired, I realized that most of the stress we subject ourselves to is brought on by ourselves by the very choices we make and the attitudes we have. It’s un-necessary and can be changed! Adjust the attitude and make choices logically, with forethought and facts; not emotions. A smile goes a long way! Share it every day, with everyone! You’d be surprised how bright your day becomes just by a simple smile!
5. I’m a natural-born imp and complete child at heart. I love pranks! I love giving them but I take them just as gracefully Humor is very important to me and I consider myself a student of humor. It goes a long way to helping life be that much more joyous.
6. Just because I’m tech savvy and worked in that world, does not mean that I have all of the latest and greatest! I don’t own a smart phone; I have a ‘burner’ phone for safety purposes. My laptops are outdated but handy for troubleshooting issues of compatibility. I use a desk top computer that is now four years old and not a tablet. When new technology comes out, I prefer to wait to let it develop and settle out before using it. I research every important purchase carefully and for a long time, before going ahead.
7. I’m dyslexic which, ironically, is why I like to write. It takes quite the effort to write but I love a challenge and this one has a legacy that begins as early as four years old when it was discovered. I was trying to spell my maiden last name, which is fifteen letters long. It wouldn’t come out right. As first, it was thought that I was autistic because of the way I expressed my frustration, but a little more testing and dyslexia was the issue. I have a bug-a-boo about the English language with regards to spelling, grammar, syntax, semantics, mechanics and the whole nine yards. I am dismayed to observe that folks readily embrace texting as their first means of communication. I’d rather, first, talk face-to-face with someone; second, talk to them on the phone; third, write emails or other formally written forms of correspondence. I don’t like to text.

Rules for my nominees:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 blogs.
  • Link to your nominee’s blog and let them know.


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14 thoughts on “The Honored Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I agree, retirement is a busy time for me too! Who knew? I also agree that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’m glad I learned that early. And too bad that people who go out of their way to look/be different don’t realize that there are people out there like us not judging them. I was an older Psych student too. I felt like valued participant and not at all like an outcast or sore thumb. I lost any enthusiasm I had for football when I saw the Ray Rice video and recently someone in the Colts team (Indianapolis, where I live) was accused of rape so I wash my hands of most sports (maybe all) on TV but I am an avid sports player myself in that I love kickboxing, pilates (is that a sport?), weight lifting, and other exercise routines that I do. My maiden name is only 9 letters long and most people mispronounced it and mangled the spelling too. My married name gets mangled too, although educated people love to pronounce it correctly and I sometimes get asked if I’m related to the French philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau. I always get a kick out of that!


    • Retirement being busy? Nawwww….That’s an understatement! I have to sleeping in snatches and naps for all of the stuff I get up into. This weekend, I had a major photo shoot downtown (Oak Harbor,WA) because the local PBY organization and museum was moving their PBY-5A Seaplane from up on a hill on one of our naval bases to its new home, downtown. I’m their Photographer. We had a beginning move, Saturday afternoon for a few hours, then everyone went home to eat and rest up. We came back at midnight for four hours to move her (named Gigi) through town! It was historical! I shot over 800 images that I’m now working on to present. My rock hounding hobby is re-awakened and, guess what? There be nice rocks here on my little island! Today, I found jade, jasper and agates just a half mile on the beach near where I live! It was a gorgeous day and I decided to capitalize on that opportunity to get out and get some sun and exercise! Camera, pockets and me went for about an hour and a half!

      As for sports, I’ve always liked sports. I raced bicycles while serving in the Navy. Did well, too! I like the game of football with it’s strategy and all. I don’t like the misbehavior beyond the sidelines, though. In reality, there’s that nasty stuff in all niches of humanity, unfortunately. You see it more in the big pro sports because of the media. I’ve always aligned my allegiance to a team based on my own geographical location, but that changed last year. Some think it was because the Seattle team went to the Super Bowl but that wasn’t it by a mile! It was the humility, leadership, dignity and grace that are tenets the team goes by from the top down. Honesty, too. It’s all about the goodness being spread around. It’s the “one game at a time,” playing with heart even when the odds are against them, the stuff they do off the field, the honesty about not being perfect but always seeking improvement in all they do – on and off the field. THAT’S what gets my attention. I don’t pay mind to superfluous hype. But I do admire humility and know superb leadership when I see it.

      My current married name also gets chewed up and brutalized, but once someone gets it, it rolls off their tongue like velvet. Thanks for the correspondence!


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