Photography 101

I had originally intended to make separate posts about my Photography 101 assignments but because I had a busy month in November and was unable to do my assignments as they were given, I’ve decided to consolidate them into one post.

Assignment 1: Home ~ Each of these images represents an important element of the definition of home for me.


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Assignment 2: Street


A runner on the street, at the bottom of the hill from my neighborhood.

Assignment 3: Water~ After some reconsideration, I decided to showcase a few of my favorite WATER photos directly in this post.



Assignment 4: BLISS


Bliss, to me, is the sun just barely rising over the beach at five o’clock in the morning. It invites, entices….No wait! BEGS me to come out and walk the beach for miles and miles while everyone else sleeps. Peaceful and serene.

Assignment 5: Solitude


A lonely swing set on a beach in Seaside, OR just pleading to be played on.

Assignment 6, Weekend series 1: Experimenting with composition

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Assignment 7: Connect

Lovers on the beach at sunset

My first evening in Glen Eden, OR., I was taking my first set of captivating sunset photos when I inadvertently captured a couple on the beach kissing.


Assignment 8: Landmark

I was driving around the surrounding suburbs of Anacortes, WA., looking for interesting architecture to photograph and found this house which I later learned belongs to a well known artist and architect, who built this house himself.  Anacortes is known for its unique structures.


Assignment 9: The Natural World


A Gold Finch eating Dandelion seeds.

Assignment 10: Warmth


My neighbor’s Golden Retriever, Sophie, running in the afternoon light at the Greenbank Dog Park on Whidbey Island.


Assignment 11: Mystery


While visiting Virginia Beach, I took daily forays on the beach that always started in the pre-dawn hours.


Assignment 12, Weekend Series 2: Playing with light

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Assignment 13: A Pop of Color

Second Crop Strawberry 0923201402

Could you almost eat this right now?

Assignment 14: Architecture


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The above sideshow is the photographed elements of a very intriguing and magical house I’ve dubbed Mythic Place.

Assignment 15: Moment

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Assignment 16: Swarm

Uniformed service members marching in a Veteran’s Day parade.  This group’s message of “We will never forget our fallen comrades.”

Assignment 17: Landscape

On the left, Lincoln Beach, looking north at the cliffs and rocky outcrops.  The image on the right shows more of a ‘beachy’ overview with a classy touch of foliage in the forefront.  Nearly center of this photo is an island rock.  The bottom image is the ‘scape of that rock.

Assignment 18, Weekend Series: Hone Your Camera Eye

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I’ve developed a crazy fascination for artichokes! I do like to eat them but it’s the plant and flowers that grab me. They can be so dramatic at different angles and in different light. These plants have been growing in my neighborhood for a few years. I’ve watched them for a long time and, last month, decided to just go a photograph them!

Assignment 19: Treasure ~ Beach Treasures!

Assignment 20: Glass

Assignment 21: Edge

The Little Village 1112201404

A store front with a balcony just OVER the covered entrance with a very unusual statue strategically placed above…..

Assignment 22: Double

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Assignment 23: Triumph

Final Assignment (24): Get Out and Explore!

Here is my final slide show presentation of Photography 101 ~

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7 thoughts on “Photography 101

    • Thank you! That’s what they are there for: others to enjoy. I’m always shooting photos! I have thousands. I’ll be posting more! So many hobbies and so little time. It’s all good, though! Check out some of my other posts under my Visually Unique tabs. Some will take you to places I’ve been while others show you what I see around where I live.


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