Just Wait

You may want it all now but that isn’t how it goes. Life determines when, what and where. All you have to do is keep learning, be good to yourself and others, and do all of that with dignity and grace.


11 thoughts on “Just Wait

    • That is why I share them. These have been here but I’ve learned how to tweak them and make them stand out a little more. I’ve been slowly working on all of the posts to make them POP a little more. Had to go back to class a little but I love it! I also enjoy your posts, too!


      • Nice!!! I also noticed you are interested in cooking. Do u share food piks anywhere? Some of us are on instagram n share food piks n its nice to see each others’ creations. If u r on instagram, let me knw or feel free to add me at ishpabla. it’s a nice way to stay in touch too 🙂

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        • I went on to explore the different social media avenues out there. Instagram seems to be one of those things more suited for folks with Smart Phones which is something I don’t own for a variety of reasons. I still manually download my images to an editor and work them before posting them. I’m still dubious about it being right for me at this point given that I don’t have a mobile phone like that. Mine is a burner phone for safety reasons.


          • Yea, you are right; it works on smart phones only. Hopefully they extend it to desktop in the future. Flickr is another alternative but I am not sure how social it is.


          • Well, for blogging purposes (dissemination) I’ve got account with Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+…..It’s a lot of checking for someone who is really active outdoors this time of year! But, when I do get my mobile unit (laptop) and we are on the road, that all could come into play more easily. I just spent another Monday evening out on my friend’s sailboat sailing around the San Juan Islands again…..I’m looking to write a post about that….hopefully today or tomorrow. But, first, I have to download the images from BOTH cameras. Do you have an email address I could use and we could correspond there. I can share exclusive images then….more quickly!


          • It’s all good. We only have limited amount of time n it’s not always possible to read everything. I try to visit the blogs i like at least once a month but sometimes it can tk even longer so i completely understand.

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