Faces Of The Moon

The occasion for this post is that the THIRD and FINAL Super Moon just phased through on September 9th.  I missed the first and second Super Moons, but this time I stayed up and learned – yes, LEARNED – how to photograph the moon.  It took two cameras – on tripod and one hand-held -, messing with all of the settings on each camera and, of course, a lot of time and patience.  I want to commemorate this post to our beloved moon.  It is the source of the tides, contributes to our weather and also our circadian rhythms.  Have you noticed having trouble sleeping during the full moon?  Rumor had it that the gravitational pull was the cause of that but no scientific data supports that theory.  What I can say is that because the moon is full, it is brighter.  I think it more has to do with the fact that it is brighter during the full phase.  Our bodies rely on darkness to produce melatonin, the chemical our brain produces to induce sleep.  When it is bright, our brain may produce less melatonin than a normally dark night.  It’s my theory and I haven’t actually looked to see if there is any research to support that.  The point is that the moon IS important in our lives and this posts celebrates the moods of our moon…

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