The Trekkers

One day, earlier this month, I was heading into town to a Dental appointment. I usually take the back way into town because it is so scenic! I almost always take my fixed lens camera (Coolpix P510) with me, and on this day, it was with me. On the final leg of my route into town, I spotted two young folks saddled with heavy, inner-frame backpacks, trekking down a main cross street named Whidbey Avenue.

That’s right, two people with serious backpacks, trekking down Whidbey Avenue. My thought at the time was, “You don’t see that going to a dental appointment in town; especially not on THIS street!” I’ve seen trekkers on Highway 20 which dissects the town, north to south, but not an east-west street!

So, I go to my appointment, run a couple of errands in town and head back out, driving the SAME route that I took coming into town: out West Beach road and along the shore line. I typically stop at the little boat ramp on West Beach road where Hastie Lake Road intersects West Beach Road,  just to see what is going on out in Puget Sound. You never know what you will see and I’ve gotten some of my best images by doing that.

So, pulling into the parking area for the boat ramp, I spot those same two people who I saw earlier, trekking along Whidbey Avenue! They had just made it to the boat ramp and were shaking their heavy packs off for a rest and a meal before heading on.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk to them, so I introduced myself to them and gave them my card.

I learned that their names are Ty and Shanda, hailing from Concrete, WA. They were taking the summer months to trek the entire Pacific Northwest Trail! Wow! What an adventure!

Shanda just completed graduate school for a Masters in Psychology with a focus on Special Education. Ty is a construction contractor. Shanda has accepted a job up in Priest, Idaho.

They just got engaged to be married!

The two of them plan to make their home up in Idaho, together. Congratulations to Shanda on her Masters in Psychology and CONGRATULATIONS to the both on their impending wedding!

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few images….

After a mini photo session, I left them to prepare a lunch of freeze-dried food. Their next stop is to meet up with their trekking “angel” in Coupeville, where they’ll stay the night before catching the ferry to Port Townsend and continuing on their trek to the Olympic Rain Forest.

Good luck on your trek, Ty and Shanda!

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