Photo Challenge: Reading

I’m always reading something!

I get up early every morning, get a hot cup of coffee and awaken my laptop computer.  Then, I go through reading from two email addresses, weather sites, the Astronomy Picture of the Day (fascinating stuff!), several social media sites (including Twitter and Face Book) and then on to this site.  I subscribe to Reader’s Digest and have for most of my adult life.  I grew up with that magazine.  There’s the Sunset magazine, one or two culinary magazines….Then, back to the computer to research or learn about something else.  I’ve read the entire Owner’s Manual to my car because it’s important to me to know what I’m driving. I read.

Here’s the funny part: I’m dyslexic, so it’s more of a challenge to read.  For me, it makes reading more of a game.  I noticed that because of dyslexia, I’m a very careful reader.  I have to read literally so that means I can’t afford to skim read. The benefit to that is I don’t miss small nuance’s in the piece or book I’m reading like many of my friends who don’t have dyslexia.  I can’t afford to take reading for granted.

The image I chose for this challenge is a fun one!  I spotted this book at a store in Port Townsend.  It’s kind of a twist on serious books and encyclopedias; it’s a spoof on serious reading!

The message I get from it is “lighten up and enjoy the read!”


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