Staying In Fort Bragg

When you hear the town’s name, Fort Bragg, what kinds of images does the name conjure up in your head? Do you get the image of a military town? Perhaps, mostly Army? In a sense, it was.  Before the Civil War, in 1857, the Bureau of Indian Affairs established a garrison post for the purpose of maintaining order on the Mendocino Indian Reservation.  It was named after its first Commanding Officer, Captain Braxton Bragg. Later, in 1866, the garrison was discontinued and the surrounding lands were opened for settlement.  Ranches sprung up all around and the old garrison post became a lumber town.  On the northern part of town, the Noyo River meets the pacific and a harbor was built to accommodate lumber trade.  As the lumber trade faded in the area, commercial fishing grew and the Noyo Harbor still remains a commercial fishing port.

Points of interest include Noyo Harbor, The Skunk Train, a variety of art galleries, a historical museum, Glass Beach (it was once a place where the towns folk used to dump their household garbage over the cliffs and in an effort to clean up the area, fires were built to burn the trash down and what remained was large mounds of glass), and Point Cabrillo.

2 thoughts on “Staying In Fort Bragg

    • No. I was there last March. It was a ten-day trip with my mom. Now, that hubby is retired, I travel with him. We were in San Diego this month and I went to Virginia in Sept. We have two other trips planned through March. We’re exploring how to successfully travel via Space A since the base is a mere eight miles from our home.


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