Zion National Park

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This post is the first of a multi-part story on my trip to Utah in March 2014.  It was a nine-day trip that began with a flight out of SEATAC Airport to Salt Lake City to meet up with my mom.  She drove down from Boise.  There, we stayed the night and drove down to St. George the next day.  St. George is sort of the hub for the big national parks just chock full of amazing geologic formations.  A savvy travel tip for my readers: if you want to go see Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Kolob Canyons or the Grand Canyon, go during early to mid spring when the temperatures are very pleasant and all of the dessert flora is blooming.  It’s just breathtakingly GORGEOUS and so alive!  I can say this because I visited the canyons when I was about twelve or so.  We were there in mid-summer.  It was hot, dusty and, although the formations were cool looking, it all seemed to blend in together.

So, the reason I decided to share this in several parts is that I took nearly 600 photographs of where we had gone!  I just want the latitude to share what I will and I think doing it all in one post would be overkill.  Because we would drive 300 miles plus each day we went out to site see, it seemed a natural way to separate out each jaunt.

The first leg of our trip was the drive down to St. George.  We did see a few very interesting sites on the way down, but I’d rather preserve space by sharing the EXCITING stuff.  But, the point to be made here is that trip from Salt Lake City to St. George was a 300 mile plus drive.  Each drive seemed to average the same way.  I have to say that my mom did a fabulous job of driving.

So, my first group of photos are of the Zion National Park trip.  We got side-tracked going through Hurricane and took the very RIGHT turn and ended up headed toward Colorado City, Arizona, where we witnessed a rollover accident, saw women from the Polygamist colony out to assist, dressed in clothing that looked like something from the 1800s!  I wasn’t able to get a photo of them because of the circumstances in which I saw them but we did see some interesting other things on I-386.  We did turn back and get ourselves going in the correct direction.  So, this trip was to go through Hurricane, by Virgin, La Verkin, Rockdale and Springdale.  So begins the photo-journey….

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