Seaside and Cannon Beach Oregon

The summer of 2013, I went to Seaside for a family reunion.  Though I stayed in Seaside, I also visited Cannon Beach!  I just HAD to see Haystack Rock!  I found Seaside to be a very beachy, touristy sort of place.  Cannon Beach, though touristy, as well, was also very artsy and quaint.  Rosemary wafted in the air there because the shrub is commonly used in the landscape.  Just take a photo tour of what I saw while there….

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This blog post is for Catherine Lyon, my first blogger friend who plans to move there in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Seaside and Cannon Beach Oregon

  1. OK,…. Now I JUST LOVE YOU! What wonderful pic’s! Thanks for sharing them. Brings back such good memories. My hubby and I worked up in Seaside for 3 1/2 months together back in 1997. It was like a working vacation. We lived in Grants Pass, OR. And I can not wait to move back! So the photo’s bring back a sense of HOME to me!! Awesome Sauce!! Thanks!


    • Excellent! That is why I posted it; for you! There are some other fun additions to the site in other sections. I’ve got music and even embedded some in old and new posts. My Alan Parsons Concert post now has classic AP music they actually played embedded in it and there is another post about a sailing yacht with music in it. Next, I work on my Recipe section. Photos will most definitely keep coming frequently and more music will be added too!


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