Old Cars! New Cars! Fast Cars! Cool Cars!

Every year in my town, – as with many towns across our nation and beyond – we have an annual car show in August. Every year, I try to go and this year, I did! If you are reading this and have explored my blog site, you will have learned that I love to take photographs of pretty much ANYTHING. With regard to cars, I have a special love affair with them. I’ve always loved the muscle cars of the sixties and seventies. I was even involved, briefly, in drag strip racing as a trophy queen in my late teens. The smell of burning rubber and the throaty growl of finely tuned engines built to race! It’s all thrilling to me!

Play me for this slide show!

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But, my fascination with them doesn’t stop there….I like interesting ones….

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…And, of course, I love the restored vintage cars. Especially when the folks restoring them go to such effort to provide the detail work that just takes you right back to the era the vehicle came from….

One of my friends regularly shows his ’56 Chevy Belair in shows all over the state which showcases the times of American Graffiti and Happy Days with the drive-in tray of A&W food (none of it is real but it sure looks like it) at each side window…

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Another friend and neighbor of mine has been working to restore an older Plymouth….Like my friend who shows the Belair, this guy focuses on the nostalgic details to include additional features of the era like an early window defroster, ‘air conditioning,’ curb feelers and an external turn signal addition I’ve never seen before.

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Brown Sugar is the theme of this 1950 Chevy Skyline Deluxe ….A LOT of work went into restoring and readying this car for show….Notice the detail work to include the fancy rope to keep folks at a distance so they don’t touch the finish….

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For a fairly small city, Oak Harbor does put on a decent car show. For me, it is difficult in deciding which cars were my favorites. I’m kind of a fan of GTOs, but EVERY car was special to me in their own right. Like people, they all seemed to have their own personalities. Like any car nut, I even keep my car as new looking as I can. My little 2009 Nissan Altima Sports Coupe still has its new car smell from when I bought it!


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