Hydro Races Returned to Whidbey Island!

I moved to Whidbey Island the summer of 1992 from Hawaii; specifically Oahu.  Every year I was there, I watched the hydroplane races held in Pearl Harbor.  What fun they were!  It hadn’t occurred to me that Oak Harbor may have hosted hydro races, but according to some sources, forty years ago, there were hydroplane races held here. The summer of 2014, they returned!  Complete with a variety of food and drink venues to enjoy, town folk came out and lined the harbor’s shore to enjoy the races.  It was a quite a production much like the races in Hawaii but for our little Oak Harbor, it was HUGE and a great success!  Here is a photo-log of what I saw!

Here is an actual frame-by-frame progression of a race heet….

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Fun photos of boats racing and rooster tails!

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The coming and going of boats….

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How some boats are rinsed after their heet and how pit crews cool off on a hot summer day!

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This is just ONE of several sponsors and big players who were contenders in this event.

Just some photos of the actual pit crew activity down on the boat ramp in the harbor…..

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Lastly, how one boat is trailer-ed after a race…

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