Classical Favorites: A Variety to Listen to and Enjoy!


Classical music was ever present during my formative years, growing up.  My mother played cello for several different orchestras, including the Boise Philharmonic.  To this day, I remember having to dress up for one of her performances.  We would all go to where she was playing, meet our grandparents and watch the performance.  Afterword, we would all go to a coffee shop and have pie.  Admittedly, at that time, I really only went for the pie.  Black Forest or Chocolate Cream were my favorite choices.  However, throughout my lifetime, I’ve realized how integral classical music has become to me.  My choices of rock, pop and jazz are all influenced by classical music in one way or another.  These selections are some of the favorites from those precious years.  I hope you find listening to them special to you, as well.


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