Good Bye Seahawks Season 2018; Hello 2019

So, now we mourn yet another brief ending to the Seattle Seahawks football season. I consider myself a rookie fan since I officially became a fan when Russell Wilson signed on with the team in 2013. I’ve always liked the team but never officially committed as a fan to any one team until that time. I may be a rookie 12 but I am a very loyal one at that.

Every game I BELIEVE we will win regardless of the statistics. Every game, I’m there! Every year, I put up and take down the Seahawk Shrine in my yard and I wear my Seahawk uniform for every game.

Being a 12 encompasses riding the highs of a Super Bowl win (as in 2014) where the high lasted all year long to the start of the next season. Then there are the seasons where it ends in the regular season (2017) and other season where we go into post season but it ends there (2018). With those seasons it ends with an inaudible but strongly felt POOF! It’s done! You are disappointed yet happy to have gone through another season with the Seahawks.

You are melancholy and mourn the end of the season.

We ride the highs and the lows of our Seahawk Ohana. Ohana means ‘family‘ in Hawaiian. It’s such a beautiful word that speaks volumes about how I feel about the Seattle Seahawks. I am that 12! You, the Seattle Seahawks, and all the Twelves that I’ve met and chatted with over time are my SEAHAWK OHANA! So, when the season ends abruptly as it did, I mourn my team’s departure from game time to go rest, heal and do their magic in the community.

I’ll tearfully take down my Seahawk stuff and lovingly store it away. I’ll observe and celebrate every Friday as BLUE FRIDAY, wearing my Seahawk gear and bringing kindness and good cheer to the community during the off season. Every Friday is Blue Friday, after all! I’ll miss watching the game but I know they’ll be back again next August!

I’m sad today but optimistic tomorrow because I BELIEVE and always will.

Thank you, Seattle Seahawks, for another exciting year! I’m counting the days to the start of next season but will turn my focus to life where it’s at now. In the meantime, rest, heal and do the magic voodoo that you do so well in the off season!


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