Brandied Cranberry Ginger Sauce

When I was a child, I remember Thanksgiving dinner with all of the usual trimmings, including cranberry sauce.  I never really cared for it, though.  Later, as my own culinary skills grew, I realized why!  It was always CANNED!  Even though it LOOKED interesting, I didn’t care for that tinny taste it always had.  So, later, I found several recipes for making it fresh and combined ingredients from them with a little “spirit” twist, to make one I really enjoy.  Nutritionally, cranberries are very good for those who are prone to bladder infections.  They are high in vitamin C, too!  Cranberry sauce isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore.  This recipe is fresh enough to have any time of year.  I keep some in the freezer when cranberries aren’t in season so I can enjoy it when I want!

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You Will Want….

1 bag of fresh cranberries

1/2 cup or so of chopped pecans (you can use walnuts if you prefer…I just have a thing for pecans)

1 1/4 cup of sugar

The zest AND juice of 1 orange (pick a really juicy one!)

1 Tbsp of fresh ginger

1/4 Tsp each of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and salt

1/3+ cup of good brandy (this pops all of the other flavors)

Now, put it together….

In a large pot, combine all listed ingredients above and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally.  Do this until all of the berries have “popped” (about twenty minutes).

Chill in the refrigerator for at least two hours; sauce thickens as it cools.  Serve garnished with mint leaves.

This sauce can be made ahead of time.

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