Photo Challenges

I received a couple photo challenges from friends of mine.

One challenge comes from a friend, Drea Park, who, like me, also lives on Whidbey Island.  The other challenge comes from a blog friend, Jelena.  I decided to write this post because their challenges were a little similar.  Jelena, my blogging friend, posted the challenge, Circles, for January 1.  Drea’s challenge for January 4th was the same: circle.  So, I thought I could address both challenges in one post and include three other days worth of photo challenges from Drea, as well.  Here they are:

January 1 ~

Drea’s Challenge: black and white.


Black and white image of a door.

Jelena’s Challenge: Circle

Full Moon 928201521

September Super Moon.

January 2 ~

Drea’s Challenge: What I did today!


North Whidbey Hawkers’ Seahawk Rally!

January 3 ~

Drea’s Challenge: Water.


Water, water….Everywhere!

And finally…..

January 4 ~

Drea’s Challenge: Circle.

Ruby Bowl

Ruby bowl….Hand blown bowl for the gardens with Butterfly Bush reflected in the water. That, by the way, is from rain!

I guess we’ll be seeing more of these mini-posts, this month!

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