Relay For Life: MixxedFit Style!

When I hear of a Relay For Life event happening, the first thing that comes to mind is the twenty-four-hour walk relay that is typically held at a school’s track field.

Ahead of the actual event, participants gather pledges from people based on the number of miles they plan to walk in that twenty-four hour period.

In my town of Oak Harbor (WA), the event was usually held at the middle school just off the highway that cuts through town.  Teams of people gather and they take turns walking segments of the relay.

This event was started and is organized through the American Cancer Society and the funds raised go to research to help cancer patients fight their disease and become SURVIVORS.  These events HONOR cancer survivors. The twenty-four hour concept is based on the notion that cancer never sleeps.

That’s the Relay For Life event I was most familiar with, however this year, I was honored to be invited to photograph and video a Relay For Life fund raising event of an entirely different flavor!

It wasn’t held outdoors, although it very well could have been.  Instead, it was held at the local Boys and Girls Club facility.  The event lasted about three hours.

It was the Relay For Life ~ MIXXEDFIT STYLE!!!

There was food and water provided for the participants.  They paid a small donation to be a part of the event.

Food and water were provided….

The event kicked off with a few testimonial speeches from some amazing ladies who are cancer survivors! Their inspiring stories of hope is what events like this are about! To raise funds for further research in treating this horrible disease. These women are proof that Relay For Life significantly helps!

A silent auction was held where participants bid on some really nice pieces of jewelry, hand-crafted by local artisans and donated for the event.

Following the testimonials, is was time to get down and have some fun to choreographed music with moves, led by several instructors.

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After about an hour or so, it was time to wrap the dance session up with a couple of group photos. What a great way to be with friends, dance, have fun and get fit while doing it! What a wonderful way to raise money for such a necessary cause.

You don’t have to attend a MIXXEDFIT session to raise money, though. There are classes being held somewhere in your town. Just look for postings in Face Book or advertised in the local papers.

Get movin’ and get groovin’ to MIXXEDFIT!

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