Photo Challenge: Something Blue

Something blue!

Hmmmmm…..That almost sounds like an element to a wedding (something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue).   I could go that route but it has been a long time since my wedding so, I’ll go to something more near and dear to my heart, these days.  My gardens and the elements of decor.

For the “Circle” photo challenge, I used a hand-blown glass bowl that I call Ruby Bowl for that photo.  Today, I’m going to put up an image of Stump Bowl. I have three of these hand-crafted bowls gracing my gardens in the back, every year! They are great to photograph, great to watch the fauna play in them (birds and beast, alike, enjoy playing and bathing in all three bowls) and just plain beautiful to look at.

So here, I introduce Stump Bowl.  In the winter, it sits – along with its other two mates – in the garage; cleaned and wrapped in towels.  In early Spring, when the Crocus and Daffodils begin to come up, I bring them out and place them strategically in the Reflection Garden, in back.  Stump Bowl is called that because it does sit atop three twelve-penny nails covered with rubber caps, on top of a funky stump that is slowly disintegrating.

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