Photo Challenge: Shoes!


A item typically thought to be something of an obsession for women, along with handbags or purses.

For me, not so much.  I can count the number of ‘heeled’ pairs I own on one hand and I rarely wear them.

Most of what I have are functional shoes for specific purposes, such as a pair specifically for use on my elliptical machine.  These do not go outside and are only worn when I am working out on the machine.  I have a new pair of hiking boots. two pairs of Komodo rubber shoes (resembles Crocs but cost less and have a much roomier toe box) for mucking around the yard in.  Growing up, my favorite shoes were flip flops or moccasins.  If I had my way, I’d be barefoot.

I am the same way about purses or handbags. I have ONE bag I carry for all purposes.  It’s a small backpack-style bag that I can carry my field camera in if I choose.  When my purse gets worn to the point the straps are breaking, I look for another.

I’m a very practical person with fairly large, flat feet (a friend of mine once referred to them as Platypus Feet) which is why I don’t obsess over shoes.  They are very wide feet that are intended for walking on beaches!  Fancy heeled shoes just aren’t comfortable and don’t look right on feet like mine.

So, for today’s photo challenge, I chose to feature images more in keeping with what is more important to me at this time: POST-SEASON FOOTBALL!  The Wild Card playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings is tomorrow!  So, today’s featured images are of my Seahawk slippers.  The puffy pair are the ones I wear regularly and the Converse-style pair are just decor.  So, this post is dedicated to the Seattle Seahawks!  Let’s take the Vikings to the cleaners!

Go Hawks!  I’M IN! I BELIEVE!!!!

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