Cheese Dreams

Here’s a old time favorite!  A sort of flash back from the fifties!  Sheer dreamy decadence on bread!  Just choose your favorite baguette to make this one-of-a-kind for you!  A few hearty strips of bacon and some real good cheese and you have something delightful to sink your teeth into.

For 8 servings, you will need:

6 to 8 slices of bacon (thick cut and any flavor)

1/4 cup mayonnaise

2 Tbsp softened butter

2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese (I favor extra sharp; the sharper the better)

1 -2 Tbsp finely minced onion

Dash of cayenne pepper

8 slices of your favorite baguette

Makin’ it happen!

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Fry the bacon, long and slow to how you like your bacon; drain the bacon on paper towels and dice into small pieces.

3. Combine mayonnaise and butter.

4. Stir in the cheese, minced onion and cayenne pepper; blending well.

5. Stir in the bacon.

6. Spread the mixture on bread slices; place on foil-lined baking sheet.

7. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes until the cheese melts nicely and the bread is toasted.

This little side dish makes a great accompaniment for a great salad!

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