Play me!

Round and round the carousel goes….

Liltingly, the music seems to float in the air above the carousel.

Colorful bright lights dazzle the eyes!

Animals offer a seat to ride!

Steeds proudly prance!

A smiling Giraffe!


A cat with a fish in its mouth, smugly awaits!


Even seahorses, rabbits, ostriches and cupids on sleighs offer a place to ride…

Excited and squealing with delight, children clamber aboard the carousel to ride….

Slowly, the ride begins with its music gaily picking up tempo….

Color and light combine into blurs as the ride picks up speed!

Olde Tyme Fun

Olde Tyme Fun!

Round and round the carousel goes…..

Providing dizzying delight for those who ride!

10 thoughts on “Carousels!

        • Well, I do when the inspiration hits. My daughter writes poetry and her father is a published author of poetry and 4 novels. He posts little positive prose on FB all the time and I’ve even guest authored him here with his piece titled SPRING TIME (under The FOOLosopher’s Take tab).
          Thanks for the vote of confidence!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Wow that’s great !!! So you must be feeling blessed both as a mother and as a wife 🙂 Coz you have a talented daughter and a really talented husband 🙂 Can you tell me the fb page? The one in which your husband writeS?And the title of his novels?


          • I didn’t mean to mislead you. Her father is no longer my husband but he is a very good friend. It’s a long story there. He posts little poems via is FB feed but you can friend me and see them anytime he’s posting if you’d like. Send me an email and I’ll give you the information that way.


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