Photo Challenge: Something I Wore

“Something I wore” is a tough category for me!

I don’t do “selfies.” I prefer the OTHER end of the camera, because I’m not comfortable with having photos taken of me!  I never have been comfortable with that.

However, I DO have a lot of images of the Seahawks gear that I wear without ME in them, but that would be too easy and I share that plenty, anyway.

I really had to scrounge around for an image!  Except for the occasional image someone else took and posted on Face Book of me, there really are very few images of me!  Even my avatar for this site is just a silhouette of me.  That image is one my husband took.  It’s my favorite, but I won’t share that one either.

So, after a little while of searching through my image archives, I found just ONE I’m willing to share and it does speak of what I like to wear and one activity I am well known to enjoy!  So, in this image I am sharing, there are actually TWO items I wore that I’m referring to.  I’ll make it a little game…..


Can you guess what those two items are?

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