Lava Lamps and Other Fun Objects

One of the blogs I follow posted something about a “Photo of the day” image about lamps. The writer wrote about originally using an image of their lava lamp. This inspired me to do a quick share with this post, but I decided to carry it one step further and include many of my favorite things! A lot, if not most, of the items shown are at least 32 years old or older. In some cases, over a hundred years old. I do tend to hang on to things. It is amazing that I was able to keep the lava lamp in good working order over so many transfers while serving in the Navy. The only thing that did not survive all the moves was its original box. I acquired the curio from my next door neighbor, who has a great eye for finding vintage and antique things. I bought it from her, along with the vintage jar. The image of the one toy fish is the first toy I received when I was born. It is a Steiff stuffed toy. The Wyland sculpture was acquired in Hawaii when I was stationed there. I actually met the man because he personally presented it to me. I’ve always loved his work. I concluded this little image show with grillin’ images because that is another favorite thing of mine: cooking! The Master Griller, however, is actually my husband.

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