Photo Challenge: Morning

Good morning, Readers! Today’s photo challenge is about morning.

Morning is my favorite time of the day!  I’m up normally between four o’clock and five thirty, nearly every morning. This is MY TIME. This is the time when I check email, write, edit images or interact on social media.

During the wet and cold months, that is pretty much all I do most mornings. In the spring and summer months, I can be found outside, lurking around for those nice early morning shots of dew on plants and interesting objects, maybe tending the gardens or watering early.

The sun rises in the morning, creating beautiful colors in the sky, just as it does during sunset. Both times of the day are potentially beautiful for the camera. Wherever I go, I try to see both ends of the day from that place and capture them on camera.

On the other hand, morning and evening have their own unique characteristics. Frost is more likely in the morning unless it never warmed up during the day and melted away. Fog is usually in place in the morning if there is fog.  In the evening, I can actually watch the fog roll in.

The images in this gallery highlight the early morning hours of sunrise and celebrates them.

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Things I may see just after the sun rises and brings everything else into view….I noticed how colors are most vibrant during this time of day…..I understand that is because of the angle of the sun.

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So, Good Morning dear readers! Let’s savor the early moments of the day!

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