Trippin’ Around St. George Utah

By comparison to the other two parts to this journey, this one is a smaller part but it has very interesting facts included in it. A beautiful town that also has a really great aqua center. I didn’t have a chance to get a photo of that.

It's All Relative....

Part three of my Utah journey is about home base: Saint George, Utah.  It’s important to know the surroundings of where you are staying and between the 300-plus mile jaunts we would take to the parks, we would spend a day staying locally just to rest up.  Saint George is a very pretty town full of history and beautiful architecture.  It’s big claim to fame is its importance in history for the Mormon religion.  For me, since I’m not a Mormon, the buildings and historic old town really appeals to the photographer in me.  Come and enjoy a little tour of this beautiful town…..

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